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Meet the Trainees

Science with a Future 

Podcast interviews with Texas A&M Institute of Biosciences and Technology Trainees




Ahmed Mushin


Hello, my name is Ahmed Muhsin, a fourth-year PhD candidate in Professor Dashwood’s lab. I'm studying the roles of 13-HODE isomers in the development of colorectal cancer. In my interview, hear how I decided to pursue a PhD after working several years as a physician, and how I balance my life, taking care of a family while progressing in my PhD journey. Also, learn what IBT provides to its students and how it supports them.

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Xinjie Wang


Hi, I'm Xinjie Wang, a second-year PhD student in Professor Jiang Chang's lab. I'm studying the role of energetic imbalance in the onset of heart disease. In my interview, hear about the reasons I came halfway around the world to study in Houston, and my hopes to transform our understanding of what drives heart disease through my research.

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