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Graduate Student Organization

Mission Statement

The Institute of Biosciences and Technology Graduate Student Organization (GSO) was established to improve the TAMU Health Medical Sciences Graduate Program pertaining to student needs and issues as well as promoting student unity and fellowship. By doing so, the GSO promotes better communication, develops the program, provides activities and services, and strengthens the graduate community. Additionally, the GSO is responsible for cooperatively interacting with faculty and administration to build a well-known and respected institution. 

IBT GSO Officers 2023-2024 

  • President: Bettina Hoden

  • Vice President: Yingshan Wang

  • Treasurer: Maryn Cavalier

  • Secretary: Ashley Suris

  • Media Chair: Stacey Jeon

  • Social Chair: Hannah Reeves

  • Community Outreach Officer: Anh Vo

  • IBT/BCS Officer: Xiaoxuan Liu

  • First Year Representative Officer: Nesha Rubin

  • GPSG Officer: Uffaf Khan

  • GIC Officer: Ann Mckelvey

  • LEEP Officer: Wei Zhao