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Student Spotlight


Javier Castregjon Villela

Education:  Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology Engineering from Tec de Monterrey University.  Master of Science in Biotechnology from Tec de Monterrey University

Research Focus Interest:  Immune system and cancer

Research Interests:   My research interests are related to immunotherapies against cancer. Using synthetic immunology and bioinformatics, we could get more efficient cell products. In addition, with a better understanding of immunometabolism and applying small molecules or other inductors, we can activate specific desirable events during therapeutic interventions, obtaining cells more suited to different environments of solid tumors. My long-term goal is to be able to translate these findings into clinical trials.



Maryn Cavalier

Education:  BS Biological Engineering, Louisiana State University (LSU)

Research Focus Interests:  Cancer Biology

Research Interests:  Tumor immunology, immunotherapy, cancer genetics, genomics and cell signaling and endocrine response



Hannah Reeves

Education:   BS in Biology with Honors from Trinity University.  Concentration in Cellular and Molecular biology.

Research Focus Interests:  Immunology, Cancer Biology and Genetics

Research Interests:  I have been working in academia these past few years researching a protein pathway associated with several human neurodegenerative diseases. (Mutations in Fig4 have been associated with ALS, CMT4J, and leukodystrophy.) As much as I have loved my time here, the research is very preliminary and I've decided I'd like to work closer to the application and treatment of medical research. My interests are widespread so I'm very open to research beyond the focuses that I've listed. I'm really looking forward to my time at IBT.  



Ashley Suris

Education:  BS in Biology from Tarleton State University

Research Focus Interests: My research background is in bacteriophages and molecular virology.

Research Interests:  I am still interested in both of those topics, as well as virology, the epigenetics underlying cancer and anything mechanistic.



Wei Zhao

Education:  Bs in Pharmacy from Jinzhou Medical University.  MS in Pharmacology from Harbin Medical University.  MS in Pharmacology from University of Houston.

Research Focus Interests:  Cardiovascular Disease

Research Interests:  Cardiovascular disease remains to threaten human health and causes high morbidity and mortality. Excepting change to a better lifestyle, like promoting physical activity, improving healthy living habits, studying its pathogenesis mechanism, and finding the molecular signaling pathway is also urgent. Therefore, I am interested in finding underlying mechanisms of cardiovascular disease. And I hope the finding will be used to prevent and treat in the clinic.



Zihan Zhang

Education:  BS in Biological Sciences at Zhengzhou Normal University.  MS in Microbiology and Infection at University of Birmingham, UK

Research Focus Interests:  Drug discovery and Bioinformatics

Research Interests:   I'm interested in discovering the potential drugs/drug targets associated with human diseases. I want to characterize and screen small molecules or proteins with the R language and bioinformatics methods. Besides, I would like to illustrate the roles of potential molecules/proteins in vivo or in vitro.