Screening Platforms & Automation

Our core at the IBT is capable of performing both in vitro biochemical assays and cell-based assays in a wide variety of configurations from slides and single tubes to 1536-well microplates. All screens are automated in dispensing drugs and compounds via tips, pintools and acoustic methods. Our screening platform is built upon several key automations:

  • Labcyte Echo 550: acoustic dispenser integrated into an Access workstation with a Cytomat cell culture incubator and Thermo Scientific Multidrop Combi.
  • Tecan Evo 200 work station: capable of 96, 384 tips transfer as well as pintools, integrated with Tecan multimode readers M1000pro and two 222-plates capacity Liconic incubators, RT and humidity controlled cell culture.
  • Two dual arm Beckman-Coulter Biomek FXP platforms, Beckman NX P Both the Tecan Evo200 and Beckman FXP workstations have both a 96-channel and variable spanning 8-channel pipettor as well as pin tool capabilities. The peripherals include a temperature and humidity controlled cell culture incubators and consumables storage system from Cytomat and Liconic, BioTek ELx405 and DTX.
  • Tecan Hydrospeed microplate washer and Multidrop Combi system with stackers.
  • Several Multidrop Combi integrated to our automation workstations as well as stand alone
  • Multimode microplate reader: BioTek Synergy Neo2 with plates loader

All cell based growth, viability and multiplexed high-content imaging studies are performed using our primary screen platform in conjunction with our imaging systems which provide high-performance laser-based, confocal, high-content analysis for 2D, 3D, and spheroids cultures

  • GE Healthcare IN Cell Analyzer 6000: a self-contained unit with an integrated Kindex plate handler, 90 plates capacity from Process Analysis & Automation Ltd., United Kingdom. This system is capable of collecting images from slides to 1536well plates and more that 200,000 wells per day, from 4x – 40x air lenses (field-of-view at 10×: 2.78 mm2) and is capable of automatically switching from low to high magnification without additional system setup.
  • Molecular Devices ImageXpress Micro confocal microscopes: is integrated with a Cytomat cell culture incubator for continuous live cell imaging 24hrs a day. The microscope has a large CMOS camera and is capable of 5 colors fluorescence imaging with 2x – 40x air lenses (field-of-view at 10×: 1.96 mm2). The platform is capable of imaging from slides to 1536well plates and is capable of collecting images from more than 200,000 wells per day.