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High Throughput Research and Screening Center

The Combinatorial Drug Discovery Program at the Texas A&M Health Science Center's Institute of Biosciences and Technology, RRID: SCR_022214, is a unique resource for researchers. We provide access to cutting-edge tools to discover new drugs and treatments for devastating diseases. The program supports scientists from Texas A&M, the Texas Medical Center, and other institutions in the Houston/Galveston region, as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners.

The program offers benefits like automated infrastructure for biochemical and cell-based screens and a collection of nearly 50,000 drugs and small molecules, including FDA-approved clinical candidates and off-patent drugs with desirable properties. It also has annotated sets of pathway-specific modulators for studying mechanisms of action, natural products, and diverse sets of small molecules for target discovery.

One of the core's key advantages is its experienced staff, which includes biologists, biochemists, pharmacologists, and bio-informaticians with industry and academic expertise. We create customized teams for each project, supporting assay development and screening stages. The core emphasizes collaboration and aims to deliver an integrated program for every investigator.

Acknowledgment:  By utilizing our High Throughput Research and Drug Discovery Screening Core, RRID: SCR_022214, and its associated instruments, data acquisition, analysis, or interpretations, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

Please acknowledge the core's CPRIT grant number RP200668 and our Research Resource ID RRID: SCR_022214 in any resulting publications, presentations, or reports. Include the grant number in an appropriate acknowledgment section to provide recognition for the support received by the core. Users must comply with applicable laws, properly acknowledge our contribution, and adhere to data-sharing policies.

This disclaimer is subject to change, and it is your responsibility to stay updated. Please contact us for any questions or concerns.