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Micro-physiological Lead Optimization and Toxicity Screening


The Gulf Coast Consortium (GCC) Microphysiological Lead Optimization Screening (MLOTS) facility, RRID: SCR_023717, is a new multi-institutional drug discovery core designed to accelerate the development of new cancer therapies. MLOTS responds to the need of cancer researchers for specialized facilities to rapidly and efficiently evaluate new drugs and drug combinations that may be safe and effective cancer treatments for cancer patients. To achieve its goals, MLOTS provides access to sophisticated 3D testing systems replicating the complicated environment seen by tumors in the test tube. MLOTS will also use models of normal liver, heart, and brain to test whether the new drugs have toxicities that could prevent their use by patients. By accomplishing these goals, MLOTS accelerates and improves the transition of new medicines from the laboratory to the patient.

MLOTS will be an integral member of a network of collaborating CPRIT-funded core facilities organized by the GCC to promote resource sharing and collaboration among laboratories engaged in drug discovery and development research in Texas. Promising drugs and drug combinations identified in these facilities will be examined for activity and toxicity in MLOTS. The Program will work closely with these cores, adding new capabilities to test drugs for activity and toxicity while preventing duplication of resources and enhancing overall program efficiency.

Sophisticated cell-based screening systems like those provided by MLOTS are becoming crucial tools for drug discovery research in industry and academia. They are efficient, economical, and flexible systems. MLOTS, by enabling cancer researchers to rapidly test multiple drugs and drug combinations at multiple doses and times, will significantly improve the selection of the best candidates to move forward for animal testing and, eventually, in patients. This new core facility will potentially enhance the effectiveness of CPRIT’s drug discovery programs.

Acknowledgment:  By utilizing our Microphysiological Lead Optimization Screening facility (MLOTS), RRID: SCR_023717, and its associated instruments, data acquisition, analysis, or interpretations, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

Please acknowledge the core's CPRIT grant number RP023717 and our Research Resource ID RRID: SCR-023717 in any resulting publications, presentations, or reports. Include the grant number in an appropriate acknowledgment section to provide recognition for the support received by the core. Users must comply with applicable laws, properly acknowledge our contribution, and adhere to data-sharing policies.

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