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Resources listed below are available for use by all Alkek Building residents. Please see a lab member for training.

Biacore 3000

Biacore systems generate unique data on molecular interactions, giving insights into biological functions and disease mechanisms, and facilitating efficient therapeutic development. Application areas include drug discovery, general life science research, antibody characterization, immunogenicity, biotherapeutic development, and manufacture.


Allows for precisely controlled shear force in a well-format and 2-phase flow for migration/invasion, chemotaxis, etc. It is integrated with a microscope for image analysis and data processing. BioFlux enables a wide variety of cell-based assays in the fields of immunology, vascular biology, microbiology, cancer research, stem cells, and more.

Top Shot (Cell Disrupter)

Disrupts through pressure that is easily and accurately set, and displayed digitally with a range of 1KPSI through to 40KPSI as standard, has ultra low sample loss, allows loading of solid sample, cell paste or suspended sample, and the collection cups provided can be transferred to and from ice/freezer for temperature control.

FluorChem M (Western Blot Imaging)

An imager for detection of chemiluminescent, colorimetric and UV fluorescent gels and blots with a touch screen control. The imager allows access to the Digital Imager data using a web browser from a network computer; and allows user to transfer, review and save image data stored in the imager system and download files to desktop computer. Direct multicolor fluorescent detection offers greater linearity and dynamic range.