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Seminar Series/Workshops

The IBT Biotech Graduate Track provides students with hands-on experience on how to start their own company through our entrepreneurship workshop and seminar series. To this end, we will invite entrepreneurs, investors and consultants to share their real-life experiences with our students, and also provide critical networking opportunities for them. The IBT Biotech Alliance seminar series was initiated in 2019 and our scheduled speakers for the spring semester are listed below:

  1. Joseph M. Patti, Ph.D., Executive Chairman at Agilvax, Inc. and President at JP Biotech Advisors, Inc. – January 22, 2019. Presentation title – “The Ups and Downs and Ups of a Biotechnology Company, The Story of Inhibitex, Inc.”

  2. Brett Cornwell, BBA, MBA, Executive Director of Texas A&M Technology Commercialization, Texas A&M University – Feb 18, 2019. Presentation title – “Using Commercialization to Support Academic Research”

  3. Lekha Gopalakrishnan, Ph.D, J.D., Patent Attorney at Winstead PC – March 25, 2019. Presentation topic – Intellectual Property Protection in Healthcare

  4. Sean O’Connor, Manager, Investigational New Drug Office, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center– April 25, 2019. Presentation topic – FDA and the regulatory process

  5. Magnus Hook, Ph.D., Center Director, IBT – May 13, 2019. Presentation topic – From idea to a company

After the first year, the workshop and seminar series will be offered on alternating years with one seminar per month in the fall semester.

In addition, we plan to host an innovation tournament on alternating summers, which will provide students with an opportunity to showcase innovative technologies suited for commercialization.