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Powell Lab

Reid Powell

Reid Powell, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Center for Translational Cancer Research
High Throughput Screening Informatics and Analysis

Biography and Research Interest

The IBT is home to multiple High throughput screening programs, namely the Combinatorial Drug Discovery Program (CDDP) and the High throughput Flow Cytometry Program (HtFCP), for which Dr. Powell’s lab serves as the central data science resource. Accordingly, the Powell lab is interested in the development of scalable computational solutions used in the generation and interpretation of high-throughput drug screening data. The Powell lab also has a strong interest in the contextualization of high-throughput screening data, such as the establishment of quantitative structure activity relationships (qSAR) or in the establishment of predictive biomarkers using pharmacogenomic (PGx) approaches that combine machine learning and other multi-omics datasets with high throughput drug screening data.