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Policies and Forms


Policies and Procedures Document

Download complete Policies and Procedures PDF document.

This guide provides information to investigators and their staff regarding the humane care and use of animals involved in research at the Texas A&M University Health Science Center Institute of Biosciences and Technology (IBT). The vivarium is managed by the Program for Animal Resources (PAR). This guide briefly describes the use of the equipment and supplies maintained at the facility, procedures that must be followed, and the responsibilities of personnel when working in these facilities. The PAR has a large investment in the rodent caging systems within the facility. These caging systems are designed to provide maximum protection against contamination by viruses, pathogenic bacteria, ectoparasites, and endoparasites. It is essential that all personnel follow the appropriate procedures outlined in this guide.

Personnel who do not follow these procedures may be denied access to the facility and may also lose their animal research privileges.

Keeping the facilities clean, secure and the animals healthy is critical for the success of everyone's research. If you see an investigator or a PAR employee who is not following the rules please take steps to correct the situation. You can contact the PAR manager, PAR supervisor, or veterinary staff. If possible, obtain the name of the person involved so that they can be contacted and retrained as necessary.

Protocol Forms

  • Please enter all initial protocol forms and supplemental forms via iRIS.

Occupational Health Forms

General Forms