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Houston Campus Security

Security Desk: 713-677-7464

The Security Department of the Houston Campus-Alkek Building provides an officer in the building 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The Security Manager is the liaison between Houston Campus and local law enforcement agencies.  

Security unlocks the front doors every morning, Monday-Friday (except holidays), by 7:00 AM and locks the doors in the evening at 6:00 PM. The Alkek Building is closed all day on holidays and weekends. After regular hours, on holidays and weekends, an ID access card is required to gain entry to the building and to use the elevators. Allowing others to use your ID access card is not allowed. If you require assistance from Security after hours, on weekends or holidays, and the officer is not at the desk, call 713-677-7464. When away from the desk, the officer on duty forwards the front desk phone number to the Security cell phone.

During regular hours, visitors are required to log in at the Visitor's Log on the counter at the front desk. That requirement can be waived for visitors accompanied by Alkek Building personnel. After hours, weekends and on holidays, all visitors and Alkek Building personnel must log in at the Visitor's Log.

If an Alkek Building employee has an emergency situation, call 911. This call will be responded to by local law enforcement. Usually, that means that either the Houston Police Department or the University of Texas-Houston Police (Texas Medical Center) will respond. For personnel using the TAMUHSC VoIP phones, dial 8-911. For all others, follow the directions for your phone system to reach a 911 operator.