Yeast Fermentation and Expression Service starts at $5,500 (price for 3-L scale)

Service steps

Service specification


Plasmid construction

·         Gene synthesis with the codon optimization and sub-clone

·         Construct linearization


2-3 weeks

Protein expression test

·         Transformation of the linearized plasmid into suitable host

·         Antibiotic screening, select 5-10 positive clones

·         Expression analysis and identification

·         250ml amplification and purification test

·         Tag-free test (if required)


3-4 weeks

Large-scale fermentation and purification

·         Protein affinity purification, ion-exchange, and gel-filtration (to obtain the desired amounts and purity)

·         QC the purified protein


1-10 L  3-4 weeks


10-20 L 4-5 weeks

All timelines are approximate. In most cases, we deliver the final pure protein within 8-10 weeks. However, optional steps might prolong the overall timeline slightly.