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Instruments and Screening Platform







Cytek Aurora Spectral Flow Cytometer 

  • Configured with 3 lasers (488, 567, and 640 nm) and 32 fluorescent channels (increased multi-parametric capability).
  • Equipped with automated plate loader for 96-well microplate analysis.
  • Provides full imaging spectra, which means each fluorochrome is analyzed across the entire light spectrum (spectral flow cytometry).
  • Provides high-resolution data (ultrasensitive optics and low-noise electronics).
  • SpectraFlo software extracts autofluorescence background for all samples.

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Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorter - LOCATION: ALKEK-IBT (ROOM 713, 719) 


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BD Biosciences FACSFusion Cell Sorter 

  • Uses electrostatic droplet-based, high-speed technology for isolating any combination of fluorescently labeled cell markers.
  • Uses 4 lasers (405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, and 640 nm) and 15 filters for experiments requiring up to 15 multicolor analyses.
  • Variety of nozzle sizes/pressure configurations for sorting all types of cells including fragile ones.
  • Capable of sorting up to 50,000 events/second in a temperature-controlled sample and collection chamber.  
  • Certified to perform BSL2 level sorting of single cells into 96 well plates, as well as bulk sorting into two or four tubes. 

BD Biosciences LSRII analytical flow cytometer 

  • Equipped with 4 lasers (405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, and 640 nm) and 13 filters suitable for experiments requiring up to 13 colors plus forward and side scatter data acquisition.
  • Users have access to FlowJo data analysis software for customization data analysis.
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