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Lab Activities

Genetics, and what is CRISPR anyway? - Vital Record


Tam Duong's baby shower - Feb. 20, 2020


Razan Fakieh passed her Prelim on Dec. 3, 2019

Razan Fakieh passed her Prelim 


4 Reiner Lab awards (posters, talks) from the GSO Symposium this year. Dr. Shin (left) didn't bring her certificate.


Razan Fakieh Birthday Celebration 2019


Qi's Birthday Celebration 2018


Tam & Huy Baby Shower 2017


Tam Baby Shower 

 Lab Halloween Door Decoration 2017

Reiner Lab Halloween 2017


Lab Party 11-19-2016

Reiner Lab Party


Dumpling Cookoff



Lab Outing - Museum

Art Museum Trip


UCLA C. elegans meeting 2015

Hanna Neal Tam Dave



Madison C. elegans Aging Meeting 2014

Madison Again

Madison Again 2




Afaq's Birthday Celebration

Afaq's Birthday

Afaq's Birthday Candles