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Silva Lab

After completing a brief postdoctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Maggie Weirman, MD, I spent the next 15 years working in the general area of technology commercialization at University of Colorado’s academic medical center, most of which I served as head of the office handing technology commercialization, venture development, and industry collaborations.  My work in translational development and commercialization partnerships has involved initiating and supporting over 250 biomedical licensing and alliance transactions that have taken experimental therapeutics, medical devices, ASR reagents, lab developed tests, and candidate in vitro companion diagnostics into commercial partnerships and clinical development. Of special note are my key contributions to two programs that advanced to IND for lung cancer, a bioartficial pancreas program in commercial development in a global pharmaceutical company, and several preclinical lung cancer therapeutics, FISH companion diagnostics for EGFrTKis, and a lung cancer chemoprevention program for Illoprost that is now in commercial development.

My current interests are focused on clinical translation and commercialization of biomedical research, with particular interest in assembling large cohorts with specimen and clinical annotation for multiomic analysis across organizational boundaries.  As a physiologist with clinical research experience, I have worked closely with biologists and physician scientists on a variety of drug development and biomarker development partnerships with the private sector, many involving precision medicine and –omic interrogation themes. I am currently spearheading implementation of a pharmacogenomics program leveraging artificial intelligence into an interprofessional primary care environment with a registry.