How do I gain access to the PAR Vivarium?

1. Any person wishing to enter the PAR Facility MUST be listed on an approved AUP. You may submit an amendment to your current AUP via the PAR Support Services adding the individual to your AUP. PAR Facility access will only be granted after the amendment has been approved by the IBT IACUC. 

2. Read and be familiar with PAR Policies and Procedures (PDF)  

3. Complete the required CITI Training components (shown below) found at
NOTE: In order to complete these components, you must register with CITI and list Texas A&M University System Health Science Center as your affiliate. 

Helpful Hint: After logging in, you will be given a choice of three items to select from- choose IRB. Don't worry if there are other course options listed as well, simply complete the three (3) courses described below.

Required Online Training:

    a. "Working with the IACUC "

    b. "Reducing Pain and Distress in Laboratory Mice and Rats, Basic course"

    c. "Aseptic Surgery"

    d. If you are working with MICE, “Working with Mice in Research Settings

        - OR -

        If you are working with RATS, “Working with Rats in Research Settings” 

By taking the CITI Program Training you are acknowledging the following statement:

"I have completed the CITI Program Training containing information about alternatives to the use of live

animals, variables brought about by using animals and how they can be controlled, surgical requirements for

rodent and non-rodent species, the use of analgesia, and anesthesia, proper methods of euthanasia, hazards

associated with the use of animals and reporting animal incidents as well as other information associated with

the writing and processing of protocols, ordering animals, per diem charges and the functioning of the

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.  I also understand that this training is to be an annual occurrence."

4. If TAMHSC Employee: Complete the Occupational Health and Safety form online.

    If Non-TAMHSC: Complete the Non-HSC Employees Access Form (PDF) 

5. Schedule a tour of the IBT animal facility.

    To do so go to the online PAR Helpdesk found at and select “sign up for a tour 
    date”. Please note that a typical tour will take about 45 minutes.

Note that the tour MUST be completed last; you will not be scheduled for a tour until the other steps have been completed.