Five Most Significant Publications Prior to 2011

Tsai, R.YL. and McKay, R.DG* (2002) A Nucleolar Mechanism Controlling Cell Proliferation in Stem Cells and Cancer Cells. Genes Dev. Vol 16. No 23. p2991-3003

Tsai, R. YL.* and McKay, R.DG (2005) A Multistep, GTP-driven Mechanism Controlling the Dynamic Cycling of Nucleostemin. J Cell Biol. Vol. 168. No. 1. p179-184

Zhu, Q., Yasumoto, H., and Tsai, R. YL.* (2006) Nucleostemin Delays Cellular Senescence and Negatively Regulates TRF1 Protein Stability. Mol Cell Biol. Vol. 24. No. 26. p9279-9290

Zhu, Q., Meng, L., Hsu, J.K., Lin, T., Teishima, J., and Tsai, R.YL.* (2009) GNL3L Stabilizes the TRF1 Complex and Promotes Mitotic Transition. J Cell Biol. Vol. 185. No. 5. p827-839

Lin, T., Meng, L., Li, Y., and Tsai, R.YL.* (2010) Tumor-Initiating Function of Nucleostemin-Enriched Mammary Tumor Cells. Cancer Res. Vol. 70. No. 22. P9444-9452

Publications 2011

Meng L, Hsu JK, Tsai, RYL (2011) GNL3L Depletion Destabilizes MDM2 and Induces p53-Dependent G2/M Arrest. Oncogene 30(14): 1716-1726.
Tsai, Y.L. (2011) Chapter 13: New Frontiers in The Nucleolar Research: Nucleostemin and Related Proteins. The Nucleolus (Protein Reviews 15).  Edited by Mark O. Olson and M. Zouhair Atassi.  Springer pg 301-320.
Meng L, Hsu JK, Zhu Q, Lin T,Tsai RYL. (2011) Nucleostemin Inhibits TRF1 Dimerization and Shortens Its Dynamic Association with The Telomere.  J Cell Sci 124(21): 3706-3714.
Lin T, Meng L, Tsai RYL. (2011) GTP Depletion Synergizes the Anti-Proliferative Activity of Chemotherapeutic Agents in a Cell Type-Dependent Manner. Biochem Bioph Res Commun 414(2): 403-408. 

Publications 2012

Hsu, J.K., Lin, T., and Tsai, R.YL. (2012) Nucleostemin Prevents Telomere Damage by Promoting PML-IV Recruitment to SUMOylated TRF1. J Cell Biol. 197:613-624.
Peng, G., Dai, H., Zhang, W., Hsieh, H-J., Pan, M-R., Park, Y-Y., Tsai, R.YL. Bedrosian, I., Lee, J-S., Ira, G, and Lin, S-Y. (2012) Human Nuclease/Helicase DNA2 Alleviates Replication Stress by Promoting DNA End Resection. Cancer Res. 72:2802-2813.

Publications 2013

Yang C, Lu W, Lin T, You P, Ye M, Huang Y, Jiang X, Wang C, Wang F, Lee MH, Yeung SC, Johnson RL, Wei C, Tsai RY, Frazier ML, McKeehan WL, Luo Y. (2013) Activation of liver FGF21 in hepatocarcinogenesis and during hepatic stress.  BMC Gastroenterol.13(1):67. [Epub 17 Apr 2013] PMID: 23590285
Meng L, Lin T, Peng G, Hsu JK, Lee S, Lin SY, Tsai RY. Nucleostemin deletion reveals an essential mechanism that maintains the genomic stability of stem and progenitor cells.  (2013) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. [Epub 2013 Jun 24] PMID: 23798389

Lin, T., Ibrahim, W., Peng, C-Y., Finegold, M.J., and Tsai, R.YL.* (2013) A Novel Role of Nucleostemin in Maintaining the Genome Integrity of Dividing Hepatocytes during Mouse Liver Development and Regeneration. Hepatology. Vol. 58. No. 6. p2176-2187.

Publications 2014

Lin, T., Meng, L., Lin, T-C., Wu, L.J., Pederson, T., Tsai, R.YL.* (2014) Nucleostemin and GNL3L Exercise Distinct Functions in Genome Protection and Ribosome Synthesis, Respectively. J Cell Sci. Vol. 127. No. 10. p2302-2312.

Tsai, R.YL.* and Pederson, T.* (2014) Connecting The Nucleolus to The Cell Cycle and Human Disease. FASEB J. Vol. 28. No. 8. p. 3290-3296.

Tsai, R.YL.* (2014) Turning A New Page on Nucleostemin and Self-renewal. J Cell Sci. Vol. 127. No. 18. p3885-3891