November 2018
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Improving Patient Outcomes After Heart Attack

February 2016
American Heart Association Awardees List - Tingli Yang

September 2014
American Heart Association Awardees List - Xiangsheng "Sean" Yang

July 2014
Pathways to Cardiovascular Therapeutics Program
- Xiaojing Yue

April 23, 2013
"Institute of Biosciences and Technology researchers make connection between genetic defect and congenital hydrocephalus" 

Awards for Research Excellence by Trainees

  • Xiangsheng Yang
    • 3rd place, 15th Annual Student Research Symposium, TAMHSC, College Station, 2012
    • Travel Award, TAMHSC, College Station, 2012
    • AHA Postdoc Fellowship Award, 7/1/2013 – 6/30/2015
    • AHA-BCVS New Investigator Travel Award, Las Vegas, July 2014
    • AHA-ACRE Outstanding Presentation Awards, Chicago, November 2014
  • Yuan Dai
    • China Scholarship Council Scholarship Award, 9/12012 – 8/31/2016
    • Outstanding Young Investigator Award from ACRE, AHA Basic Cardiovascular Sciences 2016 scientific Sessions: Pathways to Cardiovascular Therapeutics. Phoenix, Arizona, July 18-21,
  • Xiaojing Yue
    • China Scholarship Council Scholarship Award, 9/12010 – 8/31/2014
    • AHA Cardiovascular Outreach Award, BCVS Conference, Las Vegas, July 2014
    • 1st place prize in AHA-BCVS, Academy of Cardiovascular Research Excellence (ACRE), Chicago, USA, July 2014
  • Tingli Yang
    • AHA Predoctoral Fellowship Award, 1/1/2016 – 12/31/2017.
  • Thao Ho
    • 1st Place, IBT Biotechnology Summer Research Program, August, 2019.
    • 1st Place, in undergraduate poster competition, American Physician Scientist Association Southern Regional Meeting, September 7 2019.
  • Weijia Luo
    • 1st Place, Young Investigator Award, the 1st Asian Cardiovascular Symposium, BCVS-AHA, Boston, Massachusetts, 7/29/2019 – 8/1/2019.
    • Department of Defense PRMRP Discovery Award 9/1/2020 – 8/31/2022


Thao Ho - 1st APSA Award

  • Summer undergraduate student Thao Ho won the 1st Place Program Award from the IBT Biotechnology Summer Research Program, 8/2019.
  • Ho also wont the 1st Place in undergraduate poster competition at the American Physician Scientist Association Southern Regional Meeting, 9/7/19.

Weijia Luo won 1st place of Young Investigator Award - AHA

  • Postdoc Weijia Luo, Ph.D., presented her exosome study at the 1st Asian Cardiovascular Symposium of the American Heart Association - Basic Cardiovascular Sciences in Bostin, MA 7/29/19-8/1/19.
  • Luo won 1st place in the Young Investigator Award category at the Asian Cardiovascular Symposium of the AHA, where young scientits from Asian countries joined to compete. 



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