Customized Protein Service Package or Gene-to-Protein Package (this service will be priced case by case, usually within $4,000 - $6,000)

Recombinant protein production for a variety of difficult-to-express targets such as transmembrane proteins, toxins, receptors, and ion channel proteins may not be easy or straightforward; and usually the optimization process is labor tedious and time consuming since too many factors can affect protein expression and purification. To address some of the uncertainties and challenges associated with protein expression optimization and purification, the core facility offers cutting-edge solutions by leveraging its experience and expertise to provide customized bacterial expression services. Depending on project complexity, the delivery time can be as short as six weeks. This customized protein service, as a one-stop service platform from gene to protein, is ideal for challenging and difficult-to-express proteins, as well as flexible and affordable to meet customers’ demands.